Through scientific testing and validation as well as IP protected processing, Kisolite is a standardized, consistent, safe and GLP-compliant product.


Kisolite is a naturally occurring bioactive mixture of minerals unknown to exist anywhere else in the world which is proven to have multi-factorial biological properties including anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and anti-bacterial effects. 

Kisolite demonstrates strong efficacy in the treating of skin disorders, with no observed side effects.

Science Of Kisolite

Scientific Research

4D Labs

Internal R&D activities are conducted by Kisolite Corp’s Scientific team at 4D Labs, a leading materials science research institute based at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.

Kisolite Corp is conducting scientific research focused on understanding the material’s bioactivity and composition. Studies to date have resulted in a standardized, consistent, safe, GLP-compliant product.

Althea DRF Lifesciences

Initiated in 2021, first pre-clinical developments have been conducted by Althea DRF Lifesciences at their FDA certified facilities under the direction of Kisolite Corp’s Scientific team.

Internally and in collaboration with Althea DRF Lifesciences, investigations of possible mechanisms were performed using cell-based models, which were then followed by evaluating efficacy in more advanced models that most closely mimic the actual human condition.


Initiated in 2022, additional pre-clinical studies are being performed at StratiCell, a leading company in pre-clinical skin R&D and testing, at their FDA certified facilities in Les Isnes, Belgium under the direction of Kisolite Corp’s Scientific team.

These studies aim to better understand the genetic basis of Kisolite's beneficial effects on skin health.

Science Of Kisolite


IP Protected Processing Technology


Kisolite Corp’s Production Facility in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Kisolite is processed at the Company’s GMP compliant production facility in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada under rigorous material handling conditions, using IP protected processing technology guaranteeing a safe and standardized product for pharmaceutical and consumer health markets.

Kisolite is produced utilizing a proprietary process that employs chemical-free drying, micronization and air-classification. Kisolite contains no chemical or biologic additives.

Science Of Kisolite

Using Kisolite