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Kisolite: What is it?
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About Kisolite
Kisolite is a proprietary, formulated line of mineral products used as a functional ingredient for human and animal health.
about kisolite
The Place
Buried in a rain forest in the remote, pristine wilderness of the central coast of BC lies an important mineral resource.
about kisolite
From discovery to our present scientific understanding, the advances gained portend the possibilities ahead.
about kisolite
The People
An indigenous people of the central coast of BC, the Heiltsuk are renowned for ceremonial, artistic and spiritual expertise.
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Dr. Ernest Hauser
Dr. Ernst Hauser
MIT Colloid Scientist
Hauser was a Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and “internationally known for his contribution to colloid science.” Serving at MIT from 1928 to 1955, he contributed much to the activities of the Chemical Engineering Department and also to the Quartermaster Corps during World War II.
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It is concluded that the Kisameet Bay deposit is an aluminum silicate, which differs from all other known clay minerals not only in its composition but also in its properties. This product therefore deserves special attention not only from a geological and mineralogical point of view, but also from a colloid chemical and very definitely from a medical point of view.
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