Scientific White Papers Related to Mineral Clays

There is a growing interest in the scientific research behind the medicinal properties and potential benefits of mineral clays in recent years.  But this is not a new thing.  Research has been taking place since the mid-20th Century on various claims of the efficacy of certain clays in the pursuit of human and animal health. Here is a collection of some relevant white papers on mineral clays. 

Clay Minerals and their Beneficial Effects Upon Human Health

It is not a digression to return to the earth and the ancient practice of using certain minerals for healing

Unearthing the Antibacterial Mechanism of Medicinal Clay

Minerals and micronutrients play a partial role in the healing attributes of Kisolite

Development of Clay Nanoparticles Toward Bio and Medical Applications

Particle size, shape and surface area are key to understanding the beneficial applications for Kisolite

Skin Health | Linus Pauling Institute | Oregon State University

Micronutrient deficiencies in humans and animals, along with the beneficial microbes that reside in and on us, are linked to numerous health issues

The Gut Microbiome as a Major Regulator of the Gut-Skin Axis

Minerals, Microbes and the Microbiome are key to healthy skin

The Effects of Micronutrient Deficiencies on Bacterial Species from the Human Gut Microbiota

Effects of Micronutrient deficiencies on bacterial species from the human gut microbiota and the importance of clay

Nanoparticulate Iron III Oxo Hydroxide Delivers 2014 Nanomedicine Nanotech

Kisolite® mineral clay is a natural source of Iron

Particle Size Distribution in Clays

Not all clays are equal, and the particle size of Kisolite matters