14,500+ years ago (End of the Pleistocene Era)
Volcanic ash Lahar embeds in topical depression, now seaside

Centuries ago
Heiltsuk First Nation people began use as a healing clay for topical and internal treatments

Samples were transported to Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Ernst Hauser, Colloid Scientist - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“It is concluded that the Kisameet Bay deposit is an aluminum silicate, which differs from all other known clay minerals not only in its composition but also in its properties. This product, therefore, deserves special attention not only from a geological and mineralogical point of view but also from a colloid chemical and very definitely from a medical point of view.”

1950’s - Rayvite
Reports of 25 or 50 tonnes mined and sold as curatives, cosmetics, and to Vancouver General Hospital by a Vancouver company, which operated for approximately 15 years.

1960’s - Pharmacology
Emergence of Pharma edges out local and natural curatives worldwide. Subsequently, the VGH Burn Unit stops using the mineral clay as an antibacterial.

2006 - Lawry Lund & Ross Wilson
Ross Wilson, former Chief of the Heiltsuk Tribal Council, informs Lawry Lund of the mineral clay deposit and its historic use by the Heiltsuk people as a healing clay. Lund, Doug Frankiw and Rowland Hanson incorporate Kisameet Glacial Clay Inc.

2010 - Period of due diligence leads to first sampling programs

2011 - Kisameet Glacial Clay Inc.
Kisameet Glacial Clay Inc. signs an Operating Agreement to control mineral claims.

2012 - Start of academic and commercial research
From 2012 to 2016 over $1.5 million was spent on research at five Faculties of Science.

2014-2017 –Extraction of the first bulk sample.
Twelve tonnes of mineral clay extracted and used for bulk samples for test drying, pulverizing and milling.  Bulk Testing and Quality Control Lab in North Vancouver

2018 – Incorporation of Kisolite Corp.
In a Plan of Arrangement the Intellectual Property Rights (IP), Trademarks and Licenses are exclusively assigned in a share transaction agreement for the purpose of Kisolite Corp conducting all sales, marketing and product development for commercialization.

2018 - Full production startup
Quality control facilities transferred to 2,100 SF modern, high-ceiling commercial facility in Squamish, BC and operational for drying, pulverizing and milling of finished clay products.

2019 – Final bulk test and preclinical stage
Mid-year transfer to a larger high-ceiling commercial facility in Squamish, BC provides space for commercial sales and bulk sample testing.  Activity underway in studies for skin health.