Kisolite Corp. is a private Canadian Biotech company in the Life Sciences community tasked with commercializing a mineral-based health technology. Kisolite’s current focus is on the capacity of Kisolite mineral complexes, derived from fractions, that both upregulate and downregulate inflammatory responses via corresponding related immunomodulatory activity.

Through the strategic engagement of Althea Life Sciences of India, the company is undertaking these preclinical and clinical evaluations under the auspices of Drs. Branda and Lange could result in a pipeline of mineral-based health products. Beginning with applications for dermal care the company envisions applications for its technologies that could help address many unmet and urgent human health needs of global importance. 


The heritage behind Kisolite Corp reaches back thousands of years to the volcanogenic events that formed clay deposits in British Columbia. The first use of the clay was by Indigenous peoples for healing purposes. Over 70 years ago our clay was researched at MIT by Dr. Ernst Hauser, who described it as "a clay unlike any other known clay".

The experience of working on the coast for over 25 years led Kisolite Founder Lawry Lund to pursue this opportunity to bring a natural clay mineral product to market as a therapy for health, and possibly be a game-changer for modern medicine.