There are enormous needs for new health therapies and nature is the greatest source of innovation. At Kisolite Corp we are focused on understanding and harnessing the activity of natural biogenic minerals and mineral complexes. These specific minerals have demonstrated profound in-vitro bioactivity including seemingly intelligent immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory capabilities among many other clinically relevant potentials.

Our approach has been to complete detailed physicochemical characterization studies led by inorganic chemist Dr. Neil Branda in tandem with microbiologist Dr. Dirk Lange who performs bio-assays that determine end products. Althea Life Sciences of India has been chosen to conduct the preclinical studies of those end products under the auspices of Drs. Branda and Lange.


This collaboration, at the biologic intersection of minerals, microbes, and the micro-biome, is hoped to result in a number of discoveries for a broad spectrum of applications. Beginning with skincare, Kisolite Corp foresees product potentials for wound care, oral care, and GI health. Current and pending discoveries in these areas could dramatically impact modern medicine and help address some of the unmet global health needs.