Executive Summary

Lawrence LundRecent breakthroughs in scientific research are confirming evidence that the mineral clay from Kisameet Bay demonstrates broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. Kisolite exhibits potent inhibitory activity against a variety of bacteria and other microbes, including multi-drug resistant ESKAPE pathogens and pathogenic fungi.

Kisolite Corp owns the exclusive rights to Kisolite for Licensing Agreements, product development and formulations, and sales and marketing.

In 2019 the Company is commercializing with a focus on functional foods as a Natural Health Product, cosmetics, and is commencing clinical trials for skin treatment. 

Production and bulk testing is underway at the Production Facility and Quality Control Lab in Squamish, BC. 

Many markets have specific needs for new products that can contribute to both human and animal health.  Negotiations for Licensing and/or joint-ventures for nutraceuticals, and in particular, dietary supplements for both human and animal nutrition, are underway.

The large market for Personal Care, which includes both Cosmetics and Functional Skin Care, has been entered using the Distributor model.

The alignment of Kisolite Corp with a strong corporate finance team is recognition of Kisolite’s potential.  In an era witnessing the resurgence of interest in scientifically validated Natural Products, Kisolite is poised to be a novel response to two intrinsically linked global health issues, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Infectious Disease.

A new paradigm is unfolding for human and animal health. In 2018 the Company is commercializing Kisolite via ingredient and product sales, IP development, licensing, and collaborative development agreements across multiple applications and markets.  This work will be guided by Kisolite Corp executives and a highly qualified Scientific Board.